A Pilgrimage to Mariazell

Located in the picturesque valley of Salza amid the north Styrian Alps, the city of Mariazell is rather small with a population of just over 3000 inhabitants. Yet, its reputation is larger than life. More than a million people visit the city each year. While some do...

Doors of Morocco

It happened quite by chance really. I did not fully intend to photograph doors while in Morocco. In fact, I had a totally different expectation of how our three-day ports of call to Tangier, Casablanca and Rabat would turn out to be. I was expecting to photograph more...


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The Ancient Temples of Angkor

It's been exactly a year ago this month when we visited Siem Reap and the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Phrom, Preah Khan, Bayon, Bantay Srei and others. There are more than 1000 temples around Siem Reap and it would probably require months to visit...


A holy water font

In European churches, holy water fonts or stoups come in all forms and sizes and are sometimes architectural wonders by themselves. Spouts are mostly placed at the entrances of churches for the faithful to dip their fingers in and to make the sign of the cross before...