Although I am a self-avowed Mac fanatic, I can appreciate a great PR effort – even if it comes from the Borg Empire down in Redmond. And Microsoft have had some winners lately, in my view, particularly with the recent launch of Windows 8. Much like Samsung, Microsoft is now one-upping Apple in its game with video ads that have direct appeal, gets the message across simply while being fun to watch.

A recent example is a campaign from Microsoft Portugal bringing home the point that Windows 8 is so easy to use even an 11-year old child can teach people how to do it. (Of course, that 11-year old may have undergone days of training beforehand, but that’s my Mac bias coming through. Watch it below.

Another video campaign on MS Internet Explorer 10 released in November and received more than 2 million views in YouTube, demonstrates that a serious IE-hater can be made to hate IE less.

Well done, Microsoft. But will this be enough to make me switch my preferred web browser to IE. Or make me want to try out and swipe away with Windows 8? You bet…. not!