Seeing the World, One Photo at a Time

Q-bits is the online travel and photo portfolio of Rodolfo Quevenco – retired web professional and social media practitioner; hobby photographer, philanthropist, family man, and jazz lover – though not necessarily in that order.

In keeping with the site’s slogan, you’ll find a bit of everything within the pages of this web site – a bit of technology, a bit of web, a bit of social media, a bit of reflections, some video and a lot of photography.

A good friend told me once that you can tell who a person is by the photographs he takes. I can totally relate to that. Close friends will probably see a bit of me in the photos I share in the featured portfolios.

This is my take on photography and life. As a rule, I am generally drawn to clean, simple lines, symmetrical shapes, beauty and perfection in all its forms.

There are always new things to discover, people to meet and places to see. So I try something new every once in a while to counter the feeling of staleness. I’d like to do more travelling and capture as much of this world as I could, good fortune and health allowing.

I’m a great admirer of people who spend their time in the service of others and am also drawn to worthwhile, charitable causes.

I’ve reached life’s halfway journey and would like to believe that I am a better, wiser, more mature person than the naive, intense, young man who believed he could change the world a quarter of a century ago.

Truth is life continues to be a mystery and a journey of unexpected twists and turns. I have yet to find a balance between reality and the ideal. But I’m trying. This site is a record of that journey.

Glad you can join me.