I’ve recently completed a three-part photo series on churches and cathedrals all done on the Exposure platform. It was a project that you can literally say took years in the making and one that sort of happened by chance.

Through the years, I’ve noticed that I’ve built up quite a collection of church photos, exterior and interior. These were scattered in various folders in various external drives. Some of them I’ve used, shared and published but many were just sitting there unused, abandoned and collecting digital dust (if there is indeed such a thing).

Why so many church photos you may ask? I am Catholic, yes, but I am not that totally devout. So that is not the reason. In fact, the reason has more to do with living in Europe where every city can have several churches or cathedrals that are also their top tourist attractions.

Take Vienna, for example, the city where I live. An informal survey shows that the city has over 179 churches and cathedrals that are historically and culturally important. And this does not even include the small parish and community churches, mind you.

So I guess that’s enough talking for now and time to give you the links. Here they are: