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I am an accomplished, award-winning communications professional with demonstrated skills in web site management, writing, editing, project management, multimedia presentation, and social media strategy and implementation. For over 20 years, I have successfully directed and managed the IAEA’s online presence, transforming its web site into one of the most effective communication and outreach channel for the Agency. In 2005, the site was awarded as one of the best five web sites in the United Nations system by the Web for Development Forum.

I spearheaded the IAEA’s entry into the social media arena as early as 2007, defining the goals, objectives and strategies for the use of its different channels, and drafting the Agency’s social media policy. This is just one among a long list of innovations and achievements that have marked my career at the IAEA.

In 1995, I built the first ever web site for the IAEA, long before web sites were mainstream. Every major development on the web site since then were implemented under my initiative and supervision. This included four major site redesigns; two content management systems; digital asset management; site metrics and analytics; and social media integration among others.

For the division of public information as a whole, I led its early migration into desktop publishing and digital imaging workflows in the 90’s. I also led efforts to create and feature more multimedia on the web site, using photos, video, and audio to encourage interest and interactivity. I am currently leading efforts to implement new forms of information/communication approaches through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc.

I am equally comfortable (and adept) in the roles of writer/editor on one hand and technology/IT innovator on the other, as well as being able to function efficiently as manager and communications strategist.

My effectiveness as a manager is enhanced by hands-on working knowledge of the tools of the trade. I am proficient in the use of major office, print and web publishing software applications. I am an expert in Photoshop, and in audio and video editing and production. I have presented and talked on web publishing standards and social media strategy at international meetings held at the World Bank, UN-New York, Trieste, Italy and Nairobi, Kenya. I have also shot, edited, and produced video features including a mini-documentary for the web site.

I run and maintain a personal blog where, among others, I write about general social issues, digital photography, emerging web technologies, web design and social media trends. This web site also showcases a growing portfolio of short video and digital images, mostly in black and white.


1996-present :: Web Managing Editor, International Atomic Energy Agency
Define and implement a communication, editorial and publishing strategy for the IAEA’s public web site, with the goal of turning it into an effective, proactive communication channel to spread the Agency’s message to its various constituencies. Oversee the implementation of these strategies, and the production tools, channels and resources needed to get these done.

As web managing editor, I perform the following tasks:

• Manage the day to day operations of the Agency’s main public web site, supervising a team of creative, production and editorial staff in writing and generating content, carrying out regular updates, and producing interactive graphic and multimedia content.

• Define and supervise the Agency’s strategic approach for using social media for promotion, outreach and engagement, educating staff on best practices and effective rules of engagement.

• Coordinate efforts to enhance the site’s multimedia features, building on emerging web innovations and ensuring that these are applied to support public information strategies and objectives.

• Define standards, procedures, technologies and tools that serve as the basis for web publishing at the IAEA; define future directions for further development of the public web site.

• Monitor site usage using Google Analytics and generate site promotion campaigns using traditional methods – distributed lists and targeted emails – and social sharing tools.

• Supervise the operation and development of the IAEA’s online image database.

As a public information officer, I perform the following tasks:

• Lead efforts to define the overall strategy, objectives and guidelines for the Agency’s use of social media.

• Produce web content, writing and editing news stories, features and/or photo essays, or assign them to staff as needed. Edit articles and other content destined for the web. Decide on best presentational treatment for stories and web-based media and information campaigns.

• Organize and supervise photo exhibits and other special events; edit brochures, leaflets and other press materials; conduct presentations as needed .

• Train staff – or organize training, as needed – on areas such as standards-based web management, social media engagement, graphics and image editing, and writing for the web.

• Conduct presentation for upper-level management, peers, journalists and other media professionals on latest trends in web-based communication programs, projects and planned development.

And as a hands-on manager and Editor in charge of web operations, I am actively involved in content creation and production-related work. This includes writing news items and feature stories, configuring and maintaining web content management systems, and writing html code, cascading stylesheets (CSS) and Javascript. I also advise on the effective use and implementation of web usability and W3C web standards.

1995-1996 :: Chief Editor, Austro-Asian Journal
Co-produced, co-published, wrote and edited news articles and stories for this quarterly publication that was targeted for Filipinos and other Asian nationalities living in Vienna. Published in a news-magazine format, this publication highlighted the lives and challenges facing Asian immigrants in Vienna, and sought to create a bridge to the home country by featuring Philippine news and information. This was pro bono work in support of the local Asian community in Vienna.

1988-1996 : : Assistant Editor, IAEA Bulletin
Introduced desktop publishing technology into the Public Information Division’s daily workflow, defining standards and processes that are still being used today. Laid out the quarterly IAEA Bulletin and other publications using QuarkXpress. Wrote and copy-edited articles. Wrote news and feature stories and press releases, as required. Provided photo and graphical support. In the early 90’s, initiated the division’s migration into a digital imaging system using Kodak Photo CD technology and largely pioneered this technology among UN organizations based in Vienna. This eventually also led to the division’s early adoption and migration into an all- digital photographic workflow. In late 1994, and largely through personal initiative, spearheaded the division’s entry into the web by building the prototype of the IAEA’s first web site. This eventually led to the creation of a web unit within the Division of Public Information and the creation of several job positions to support that initiative.

Jan-May 1988 : : Intern, United Nations Office in Vienna
Conducted research and wrote first draft for a UN CSDHA report on the role of cooperatives in development, particularly in countries belonging to the developing world..

1987-1988 : : Editor, Ang Sampalataya
Wrote, edited news, features and other contributions and prepared the layout of this quarterly newsletter targeted for the Filipino religious community in Vienna. I also provided photos and graphical support. This publication was released monthly through the pastor of the Filipino Catholic Community in Vienna. This was also largely pro bono work.

1977-1986 : : Various media positions in the Philippines
Freelance feature writer, MALAYA, a Philippine national daily newspaper (1985-1986); Production Manager, Big Ear Communications (1982-1985) Associate Editor, Planter’s Magazine (1984-1985); Copywriter/Newswriter, MGK-FM 103 radio (1981-1982); Writer/Cameraman, Inside Negros Occidental, TV documentary show (1980); Newswriter, News at Seven, television news program (1980); Editor-in-chief, University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos school magazine and school annual (1977, 1978, and 1979).


2010 MSc in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs (Distinction), Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland
1988 Bachelor of Arts International Relations, Webster University, Vienna, Austria
1977 Mass Communications (Major Journalism), University of Negros Occidental, Philippines
1973 La Salle High School, Bacolod City, Philippines


• IAEA 25 Year Service Award (2013)
• IAEA Merit Award (2011)
• IAEA Merit Promotion (2007)
• Web4Dev Award (2006) Top Three Web Site in the UN System
• Nobel Peace Prize (2005) awarded to the IAEA and its Director General for their efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes and to ensure that nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is used in the safest possible way.


• Volunteer, Gawad-Kalinga Austria
• Founder/Manager, Fifty for Fifty Educational Fund
• Webmaster, Vienna English Speaking Catholic Community (VESCC) Web site

I have set up a foundation called Fifty for Fifty to help support needy students in the Philippines get through high school. This is funded through personal donation and voluntary contributions from friends and colleagues. (

Using online crowdfunding, I raised over 11,000 euros for a livelihood center in Fiat GK Village in Silay City, Negros Occidental. This building was completed erected successfully in September 2011.

In July 2012, I worked jointly with Dr. Hani Farr of the International College of Dentist (ICD) Europe to build a functioning dental clinic in the GK Hope Village in Barangay Concepcion in Talisay, Negros Occidental. This is the first ever dental clinic – equipped with modern equipment – to be located in a remote village in the Philippines.

My personal blog at keeps track of digital technology, social media and web-related issues that are of special interest to me.

Updated: November 2013