After close to a year of hiatus, Q-bits is back. Hopefully you will find better than before, more focused and more insightful.

As I’ve written before the BIG CRASH, this site is where I can be more than just a 140-character version of myself. This is where I can present the part of me that is unfettered by the seemingly narcisstic, over-sharing character typical of the social media scene dominated by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the like. Of course, I’ll still be keenly interested in social media and will keep a presence there, as I’ve always had.

But here is where I can be my more expressive self; secure in the knowledge that those who visit are not just curious bystanders, but those really interested in what I do and what I have to say.

So you’ll find links to my writings, my photography, my various hobbies and my innermost thoughts in these pages.

Welcome. Enjoy your stay. And when you leave, I hope you take a little bit of something that made it worth the visit.