I usually spend most of my online time outside of my personal web site, when I should actually be doing the opposite. Then, as in today, my guilty conscience kicks in and I am prompted to do anything — write a blog post, upload a picture or shoot video — so as to have something new on the site.

So this time I’ll write something about my most recent Internet presence or, more aptly put, the most current web site cum application that’s been occupying most of my time lately.

It’s called Exposure.


Exposure calls itself a community product; “a place for photographers and storytellers to post their work in a beautiful narrative format” (quotes from their web site). It provides a web platform where fledging amateurs like me can display their photos in the best light possible, by combining pictures, words and videos to tell a story. Inside Exposure what would have been just a normal photo gallery becomes a photo narrative, a visually compelling story and all in the highest quality possible. One more reason to buy that newest Mac with retina display, if you ask me.

A free account entitles you create 3 photo stories with most functionalities included. Once you’ve reached that limit — and have been bitten by the exposure bug — in the process, it is easy enough to upgrade to either a plus or a pro plan, for 49 and 99 US$ per year, respectively. Monthly plans are also available. The paid plans come with extra frills like analytics, more profile layouts, use of own domain names, password protection, etc.

I’ve created about 6 narratives (one of them private) since January already, mostly travelogues, and am now preparing material for another on my recent trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia and the temple ruins of Angkor Wat.


But like updates to this web site, this is slow in coming. Maybe now that I’ve started working on my creative side again, this will start coming in easy.

Fingers crossed.